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Equipment Lanyards and Straps

Ridge Systems’ Custom Solutions Equipment Lanyards and Straps are a “must have” for the discerning technician.

Show your pride for your favorite sports team, your service branch, your favorite cause, or heck, just match your socks by choosing lanyard and strap colors to suit yourself.

Plus, they are something you can use to make life a little easier out in the field. They’re especially great when we can’t find that third hand we need, saves a little bit of frustration and time. Magnetic hangers are great, but they don’t stick well to concrete and an iron pipe may not be handy.

Minimum quantities for each category may be required but you can mix and match colors to your heart’s content.

  • Gauge Lanyards – you need these, you just don’t know it yet.
  • Crystal’s IS30 Series Straps – change out those basic black straps with something different!
  • RVLIS Calibration Hose Straps – why have the hose in your way or laying on the floor when you can hook it around a pipe with a strap?

Wait… What’s that you say? You only wear white socks?

Well then you definitely need to bring a little color into your life with a spiffy new lanyard or strap! We’ve even had them made in pink, camo, and psychedelic colors.

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